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Old Books, DVDs, CDs: Keep or Toss?

Posted by Emanuele on Aug 01, 2016.

  We’ve all been there; cleaning out closets and discovering hidden treasures that no longer mean anything to you. (And probably no longer have a media player that works to play them!) It’s a shame to throw away things that were once your favorite books, DVDs, and CDs! Why not give them a new home or repurpose them?   Donate. There are many places that take donations of DVDs, CDs, and books. Try your local thrift store or goodwill (and you can do some extra shopping for yourself along the way). Libraries are another great place to donate these items. And a plus for..


How Concentration and Focus Will Change Your Life

Posted by Emanuele on Aug 09, 2016.

Losing concentration is one of the easiest things to do. There are so many distractions, especially in this age of technology. One thing after another and suddenly it’s 6-o’clock! A lot of times, people blame losing focus on their distractions. But in reality, it’s their fault and desire to do anything but what they’re supposed to be doing. Hate to break it to you! Here are some tips to gain more concentration, focus, and—evidently—more self-control. These tips benefit both mental and physical health: a win-win!   Don’t Multitask. This is the opposite of focus: all your tho..


Tacky Tag Sale? We Got You Covered

Posted by Emanuele on Aug 09, 2016.

Well first off what is a tag sale? It is basically a garage sale, but turned into a party! How fun!   Step 1: Set the designated tag sale date. Most garage-type sales happen between June and October.   Step 2: Choose specific items you would like to sell. Don’t be too picky. Top items are strollers, car seats, etc. Sports equipment is also a top seller, especially if you have neighbors with children. I’d lay off on the clothing selling however. Sometimes people don’t like to imagine themselves in other’s clothing; and we totally get that! Instead, donate these items to..


Social Media & ​Tech Time: When is it too Much?

Posted by Emanuele on Aug 11, 2016.

artwork: BuzzFeed   We live in a tech world, no denying it! After a while, technology gets to be out of control. When is it time to say no as Facebook, Instagram, and Pokemon Go beckon you? I know. Why not pick up a tablet-sized, hand-held reading device known as a book, instead? A lot of the time we stay on social media it is because we don’t want to miss anything. At the same time, we know that the things on social media never get erased. It serves as a distraction. Why are we worried and flustered that we won’t be up to date if we pick up a book every once in awhile? Theories, an..


How Budgeting Helps Home Organization

Posted by Emanuele on Jul 27, 2016.

Budgeting is something everyone has to do, but no one wants to think about. Why? Because it means spending less money. And everyone loves to purchase the newest gadgets and gizmos. Some people have been trying to compare budgeting with other things in life to make it a more bearable topic. We have that answer: budgeting expenses improves home organization. And here is the proof. When you think of organization you think of de-cluttering. And when you think of de-cluttering you know you have to buy less and watch your spending.   Products, in general. Everyone always wants ..


Here’s Your Swiss Army Knife of Organizational Tips!

Posted by Emanuele on Jul 14, 2016.

We’re going back to the basics: organization. You might feel like this topic is so overworked in this day and age, but I guarantee that we could all use a little more organization in our lives. When pondering what advice to give, I noticed that organizing—whether in our lives, in our jobs, or at home—all follow similar methods.    1.    It’s never a bad idea to make a simple list. Be sure not to make it too long, or you’ll get overwhelmed and completely fried. You know how much you can handle so be aware of that! Also be sure to mix up the variety of things t..


How To: Whimsical LED Light Decor

Posted by Emanuele on Jul 12, 2016.

We’re all in store for a long summer with lots of house guests. Everyone piling outside to grill on a hot summer night sounds heavenly. It’s festive to put out some decorations every once in awhile. Why not add LED lights to the mix? You can simply string lights in the backyard or even around the kitchen. They add a whimsical twist to the room. Who doesn’t want that? Plus, LED lights are better for the environment so this is a win-win situation.  Try fun things out with these strings of lights! You could simply drape them on a fence in the backyard. Or you could wrap them around a tr..


Customized Picture Frames Creations

Posted by Emanuele on Jun 28, 2016.

Hanging and displaying pictures are always a lovely add-on to any home. Pictures add character. You feel a sense of hominess when there are lots of family photos around. Buying picture frames from local stores can get boring after a while; they all start to look the same and they can be pricey! What if you could create custom picture frames to add to your home decor? Let’s check it out. Rustic-looking Picture frames.  Live in the country or just love rustic-looking things? This DIY is for you. All you need are some panels of wood, wood stain, glue, and cardstock to mount the pictu..



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