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The Ultimate Shopping Holiday Wish List

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Kids are great at it. Santa has trained them the world over to write out a detailed list of every item and toy they want. And guess what? Every kid gets some of those items during the holidays.

How strategic are you in the way you ASK for gifts? Chances are the significant people in your life have asked, ‘What do you want?’. Being ready is something that will help them make better choices and help you deal with zero returns. It’s the thought that counts. But in this case you putting in some thought makes everyone happier.

To give you some insights into how you might handle your Wish List we break it down here.

First, there’s the stocking stuffer category. These are generally items under $20 and are a chance to get some frivolous and fun items. Things like custom luggage tags are handy and fun. Hand-made soap or bath bombs are good--but make sure you call out any allergies or scents you just don’t like. The stocking is also a good way to build your tea collection of flavors and accessories.

The mid-priced items are where the challenge comes in. What are the brands you like? What are the sizes in those brands? What are your hobbies? Forget all of that. Go for experiences. Gift cards to restaurants or tickets to a play or sporting event are truly one size fits awesome. No more holiday sweaters please.

Next, there’s the big ticket items. Sure, we all love the cars with the big bows on them--and why not have that on your wish list? Shoot for the stars! We mean it! You can have a star named after you and receive a certificate to prove it.

Whatever your wishlist, it can’t hurt to have a star to help guarantee that you’ll get what you want.





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