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Last Minute Shopping? Here’s your Get Out of Jail (Gift) Card

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If you’re reading this you have no time to be reading this article about great last minute gifts. So let’s get to it, alright?

You’re probably thinking about the old standby, the gift card. Not a bad idea--except for the lack of effort and complete absence of personality.... It’s OK! Put a little thought into it and you’ll turn the bland into something with a bit of bling--or at least not be boring.

First, skip the specialty stores and opt for a prepaid American Express, MasterCard or Visa card. It’s easier for you AND for them. Now, here’s the trick. Instead of sealing the Gift Card into an ordinary card, add it to something that goes WITH the card.

For the cook on your list, pick up a trio of fancy salts or spices. Tuck the Gift Card in the box and you’ve just spiced up two ordinary gifts.

Here’s a neat way to buy someone a pair of shoes without picking them out. Grab an empty shoe box and then toss in a pair of socks AND the gift card. They’ll get the idea about picking out their own shoes-- and you just amped up the Christmas cliche of giving socks! Bonus: a wrapped box looks way more thoughtful than a flimsy envelope.

If you have a coffee lover, pick up a stack of chocolate bars and tie the Gift Card to them with a snazzy ribbon.

If you have a video game enthusiast you can probably get away with a $25 card nestled in an assortment of snack-sized Cheetos or Cheez-Its.

The idea is to give the Gift Card a little thought and a little presentation to make it, well, more gift-worthy.

One more idea. Consider a last minute gift to charity in the name of all your friends and family who need a gift. There are so many great causes that this could open up another can of worms deciding which one to choose!

So what are you waiting for? You can be wrapped up in less than an hour--wrapping included!

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