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Here’s Your Swiss Army Knife of Organizational Tips!

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We’re going back to the basics: organization. You might feel like this topic is so overworked in this day and age, but I guarantee that we could all use a little more organization in our lives. When pondering what advice to give, I noticed that organizing—whether in our lives, in our jobs, or at home—all follow similar methods. 


1.    It’s never a bad idea to make a simple list. Be sure not to make it too long, or you’ll get overwhelmed and completely fried. You know how much you can handle so be aware of that! Also be sure to mix up the variety of things that need to get done on that list. Remember, it’s all about efficiency. 

2.    Make this list on your phone! It will greatly simplify the length of the list.

3.    Catch yourself organizing unnecessary items? Pitch them! Keep a recycling basket around at all times. Nothing is worse than loose paperwork piled high.

4.    Color code! Have multiple things to keep track of? Remember them by color. It’s quick, easy, and a fun way to keep everything under control.

5.    Use technology! It’s here to help make things more simple and efficient—not to mention—organization’s best friend! The only problem is that technology can be distracting. Stay on track and plan for fun breaks throughout the day. This will pay off and you’ll get more done than ever imaginable!


I wish you all luck in your organizing days! Remember, life is much more enjoyable when you get stuff done.

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