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Tacky Tag Sale? We Got You Covered

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Well first off what is a tag sale? It is basically a garage sale, but turned into a party! How fun!


Step 1: Set the designated tag sale date. Most garage-type sales happen between June and October.


Step 2: Choose specific items you would like to sell. Don’t be too picky. Top items are strollers, car seats, etc. Sports equipment is also a top seller, especially if you have neighbors with children. I’d lay off on the clothing selling however. Sometimes people don’t like to imagine themselves in other’s clothing; and we totally get that! Instead, donate these items to Goodwill!


Step 3: Collect supplies. What you’ll need: poster board, markers, money to make change, a measuring tape for any potential customers that want to measure, and some water, in case it’s a hot one.


Step 4: Clean the items you are planning on selling. This is an important one. More people will buy if they know that the items were taken care of. So I’d get your feather duster out, if I were you.


Step 5: Invite your friends and family, of course! Who doesn’t love company, especially when you’re cleaning? They’ll give you a helping hand and make the time go by quickly.


Step 6: Price your items accordingly! Remember, this is a tag sale so you shouldn’t expect as much money as you spent buying these items. That’s understandable. But anything is fair game, so use your instincts and price it right! Warning: people might try to bargain with you. Go with it!


Happy tag sale partying!

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