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Old Books, DVDs, CDs: Keep or Toss?

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We’ve all been there; cleaning out closets and discovering hidden treasures that no longer mean anything to you. (And probably no longer have a media player that works to play them!) It’s a shame to throw away things that were once your favorite books, DVDs, and CDs! Why not give them a new home or repurpose them?


  1. Donate. There are many places that take donations of DVDs, CDs, and books. Try your local thrift store or goodwill (and you can do some extra shopping for yourself along the way). Libraries are another great place to donate these items. And a plus for you, you can visit them anytime you’d like! What’s great about donating is that they’ll give you a break on your taxes (even more reason to donate)!!


  1. Recycle. Go this route, and you won’t feel guilty! You are helping the environment by recycling all that paper and plastic. Unfortunately, there is no tax break on being a good samaritan and recycling… but maybe there should be!


  1. Art time. Feeling creative? There is endless potential in using your old books, DVDs, and CDs as decorations! You can use CDs and DVDs to make a cool mosaic bird bath, use them as driveway reflectors, or even just as ice scrapers for your car windows in the winter. For those old books you can cut out the inside pages and use them as secret storage boxes or use them as funky picture frames! You can’t go wrong.

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