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How To: Whimsical LED Light Decor

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We’re all in store for a long summer with lots of house guests. Everyone piling outside to grill on a hot summer night sounds heavenly. It’s festive to put out some decorations every once in awhile. Why not add LED lights to the mix? You can simply string lights in the backyard or even around the kitchen. They add a whimsical twist to the room. Who doesn’t want that? Plus, LED lights are better for the environment so this is a win-win situation. 
Try fun things out with these strings of lights! You could simply drape them on a fence in the backyard. Or you could wrap them around a tree. This is sure to add to the party. 


Here are some other home decor ideas to explore with the lights:
    •    Hang them in strands back and forth against a wall. Then use clothespins to hang photographs on the strands. This adds a touch of sparkle  in a bedroom or even living room!
    •    Don’t have enough light in your room? String some LED lights around your mirror. This will bring in some needed light and add decoration.
    •    Bundle lights in a glass container, it could be a vase or lantern. Use this setup as a lamp-like decoration.
    •    If you don’t have a working fireplace, you can instead place LED lights in the fireplace to help display light. This will give a cool glowy effect that will still light up the room.

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