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Customized Picture Frames Creations

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Hanging and displaying pictures are always a lovely add-on to any home. Pictures add character. You feel a sense of hominess when there are lots of family photos around. Buying picture frames from local stores can get boring after a while; they all start to look the same and they can be pricey! What if you could create custom picture frames to add to your home decor? Let’s check it out.

Rustic-looking Picture frames. 
Live in the country or just love rustic-looking things? This DIY is for you. All you need are some panels of wood, wood stain, glue, and cardstock to mount the picture on. It’s a DIY that lets you add your own flare to the project. Have fun with it! These frames will add a finishing touch to any room.

Frame full of jewelry. 
Need a place to hang your earrings and necklaces? Why not use a frame to dress things up? Take a nice-sized frame, line the back with chicken wire, and start hanging your jewelry! This dresses up the bedroom and adds a unique twist to wall art. 

Chalkboard frame. 
This is especially great for kids. Purchase/find a piece of plywood and paint it black. Then attach the plywood to the back of the frame, so that the black paint is showing through the frame. And that’s it! All free to draw on. This would look great in a kitchen or a child’s playroom. 

Paint it!
Want just a simple custom frame look? Try out some funky paint colors. You can’t go wrong! If you’re really crafty, you can even add patterns. Go wild!

Post pictures so all of your friends can see your custom creations!

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