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What’s on Your Spring Cleaning Playlist?

Posted by Emanuele on Mar 24, 2016.

For many of us it is an annual ritual. For others it is a chore that requires a significant rally. However you approach it, spring cleaning is, well, a rite of Spring. Around here we need a good playlist to make the chores cheerier. And this year, we’re recommending a great list of time-proven Reggae classics to get you moving. Open the windows. Crank up the tunes. You’ll be rockin’ to reggae and getting it done in no time.     “It Mek,” Desmond Dekker & the Aces   “You Don’t Love Me,” Dawn Penn   “54-46 Was My Number,” Toots and the Maytals ..


Top 10 Ways To Increase Productivity

Posted by Jeff on Jan 15, 2016.

There is no shortage of advice on how to be more productive. In the interest of actually putting these concepts into action, we have distilled many advice columns spanning the web from American Express Forum to Better Homes and Gardens. We noticed a trend. The key to productivity for busy people is simple. No, really, it is all about keeping things simple. To that end here are the 10 concepts you need to remember to increase productivity. (Maybe there is 1 for each finger as a way to remember them.) Either that, or a tattoo! Focus. Multi-tasking is for amateurs and generalists. Bl..


No More Snowmen!

Posted by Jeff on Jan 28, 2016.

After you build your first Frosty of the winter the old ‘eyes made out of coal’ leaves you a little, well, cold. Don’t worry! Your clever friends at Quick Stick have some magic in that old black hat on Frosty’s head. Here are two things to do with the snow based on how much snow you got. If you got dumped on (say 5-10 inches), you have lots to work with. Don’t limit yourself to a simple snowman. Rolling the snow balls around will be over in a few minutes. Earn that hot chocolate! Make a colorful CLOWN FISH instead. It’s actually easier too. Start with a nice solid snow bank Pull mor..


Daylight Saving Time Facts

Posted by Emanuele on Mar 17, 2016.

  Did you know that the origins of Daylight Saving time were during a WWI initiative to save energy? At least according to some sources, the scarcity of power during this war fueled a movement. And we all bought into it. The genius of it is that when we add an hour of daylight to our days over half the year, we burn less fuel to heat and light up our homes during the night. Department of Energy studies suggest a 0.03 percent drop in annual household energy usage thanks to daylight saving. Multiply that times a couple of hundred million people and you’ve saved enough energy to power..


Rethinking Ripped Wrapping Paper

Posted by Jeff on Jan 12, 2016.

So much for the stockings hung by the chimney with care. There's no escaping the holiday hurricane.  Somehow even the tidiest living rooms and dens end up being littered with colorful swatches of hastily torn wrapping paper. In another room are the scissors, tape and half-used rolls of paper that don’t want to be tossed out —but don’t want to be put away either. Here are a few ideas to make something cool out of the scraps. Have a few rolls of colorful paper? Have a shredder? Clean the shredder bin and run Santa, Rudolph and all those other holiday patterns through the machin..


Tricking Your Inner Thermometer To Stay Warm

Posted by Jeff on Jan 28, 2016.

If you're going to be smart about staying toasty and warm you'll want to brush up on a little thermodynamic theory, right? According to Livescience.com: "Conduction is the transfer of heat between two solid surfaces that are in direct contact with each other." An example of this is when you stand on icy pavement. If you don’t have your boots on you get cold fast. "Convection is the transfer of heat between a mass (such as your body) and a moving fluid or gas (such as an icy wind that whips around every square inch of you)." Knowing how these chillers chill you helps you leverage your ..


How to Handle a Meltdown

Posted by Jeff on Mar 10, 2016.

Whether you love snow, or just learn to deal with it, there comes a time when it will melt, and this will cause a mess. This mess will often result in mud, run-off, and mystery sediment. You need to be prepared to handle the meltdown with a few quick tips. First, don’t stash that snow shovel in the garage just yet. The easiest way to clear things up is to get it while it’s still in a semi-frozen state. That’s the easy part. Next, as the weather warms up the snow starts to melt and the water starts to become a nuisance. Make sure it doesn’t creep into your home and cause water damage..


Gifts for Practical People

Posted by Jeff on Dec 09, 2015.

Have a ‘Practical Polly’ on your shopping list? Practical Polly is the worst person to shop for--ever. You know the type. Often an Aunt or a Mother-in-Law who is tight-fisted in the way she spends money and who doesn’t want you to spend money either. Another version of this is the ‘Sensible Sister’ who gives socks and gift cards. Well, we’re going to turn the practical on its ear and recommend some cool and highly practical gifts for the Connected Home. The best of these have a few things in common: User-friendly, easy to install, no learning curve  Highly affordable and eas..



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