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Dazzle Up That Drab Decor!

Posted by Emanuele on Apr 26, 2016.

Everybody's looking for ways to add a little panache to their home decor. Fashion designers all have their tricks and tips. So do we. Let's look at how to turn your home into something that reflects your personality.   One dramatic and easy trick is to turn an ordinary panel door into a sliding barn door. All that needs to be done is to hang a bracket with sliders so that, instead of opening the doors into the room, they slide on either side of the wall. This not only takes care of creating a dramatic entrance, it also provides some quick decoration on the walls. Want to go to t..


The Crazy-Good Utility of A Really Good Hook

Posted by Jeff on Jan 28, 2016.

You know how you live in a place and kind of settle in? You’re not really trying after month 3 or 4 to up the artsy or decor ante--until you have a logistics problem. That’s where the win-win comes in and creates a solution that has style and substance. And that’s where the imagination of a good hook is not just a fishing story. Cable wire chaos. TV, computer, charger, ugh the tangle is so not you. Hooks placed on the back of your desk or entertainment console streamlines those wires and directs them to the right device. Get some of our hooks, and do this now. Thank me later. Kitc..


Upcycling is Cool

Posted by Emanuele on Apr 25, 2016.

Upcycling is a terrific trick where you salvage things that you might throw away, or recycle, and find another purpose for them. It can be a lot of fun and it's very creative. We suggest you look for some ideas on Pinterest. Just search for “upcycle” and you'll see all kinds of clever things that people do with trash.   A lot of upcycling revolves around lighting fixtures. It seems that pretty much anything can have a cord and a bulb inserted to make a nifty light.  One example that caught our eye is a light made from a drum kit. Drums are cool. They have rivets and a nice sh..


QuickStick for Renters

Posted by Jeff on Jan 28, 2016.

Getting Over Renters Hang-Ups Renting? Limited in what you can and can’t do? You can still infuse it with your personality. We are here to help. We can’t imagine you in a lifeless white box of a place with zero personality. Let’s jump start your style with just a handful of our clever little hooks and a little inspiration. Windows more of a pain than a pane? Some older rentals have windows that haven’t seen a lot of love for years. QuickStick adheres to glass and the window frame and lets you hang cool personal effects, fabrics, photos or art. Turn that glass into panache. ..


Cord Organization and other Decluttering Hacks

Posted by Emanuele on Apr 20, 2016.

Some people feel that organizing their office is a waste of time. After all, if everything is out in the open we know where everything is, right?  If you’re of that mindset, there is still one thing that you can’t do without. Organizing that snarl of chargers, light plugs and power cords. You need major cord organization!  Fortunately, we have the answer for you here.    Get your act together with one clever little QuickStick Cord Catcher device that attaches and detaches as you need it and keeps all of your cords in a neat place.    But we warn..


Bad Present? Don’t Return or Re-gift, Donate!

Posted by Jeff on Jan 20, 2016.

You know the old saying, to give is to receive? It gets at the heart of the good feeling that comes from being generous. But there is a flip side to that. What if you receive a gift that misses the mark? Returning the item is the normal thing to do. But is the small amount you’ll get for the return worth the effort--and the feeling that you’re somehow not grateful to your friend, co-worker or family? Here’s a way to feel good about unwanted gifts. Donate them! You’ll get that feel good release all over--as well as a few other emotional benefits.  Unwanted gifts cause clutter. Cuttin..


The Way to Become a Morning Person

Posted by Emanuele on Apr 18, 2016.

Okay, so you want to be a morning person. There are a few ways that you can train yourself to become a morning person, but you're probably going to be better off learning how to trick yourself into being a morning person.   Morning Starts at Night The first thing you want to do is try and stick to a consistent sleep schedule. You might have to do something simple-- like moving your bedtime forward by 15 or 20 minutes. Anything more than that and you're pretty much not going to know when you're going to sleep when you're waking up.   Routine is the friend of the morning ..


Low Price, High Glamor Home Improvements

Posted by Emanuele on Apr 07, 2016.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. To give your home, a little boost invest a little time and get a lot of improvement for a very little price.   Undeck the Halls and be happy Let’s start with the entryway. Stop the scattered mail, books, boots and other items shed at the door. After all, the entryway has to make a good first impression. Keeping “Drop Zone” items organized with function and flare requires a do-it-all storage system. Look for a piece of furniture to perform triple duty as a bench, shoe caddy, and storage solution.   Fireplace Facelift The next point o..



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