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The Three Barriers of Home Organization

Posted by Emanuele on Jun 22, 2016.

  Saying you’re going to organize is one thing, but actually taking action and doing it is another. We try so hard to make sure everything is in place. Unfortunately, life happens and then there come the piles. Is there a way to avoid this? No. Is there a reason why this happens? We shall see.  I present to you the three top barriers that get in the way of home organization.  Time, or lack thereof…  Work and family come first, organization comes second. This isn’t a bad thing, just reality. Sometimes disorganization gets so bad that it starts to cost you money..


Home Decor: Creating a Quirky yet Classy Look

Posted by Emanuele on Jun 21, 2016.

  Who doesn’t love decorating their home? Whether it is picking up bargains at garage sales or shopping at IKEA, you’ll always find something to spruce up your home. Vintage art and furniture are real trends now. One might assume it’s hard to pull off this look in a quirky yet classy manner. Here are some tips that will guide you to having a home that incorporates the right vibe and is an expression of your unique style...   Hang some chandeliers. This adds depth to the room and brings in a sassy twist. Just find any old chandelier, paint it however you wish, and..


Meditation is Key to Organization

Posted by Emanuele on Jun 20, 2016.

Meditation sounds and looks easy, but it takes real focus and practice. Being placed in a mindful state is not easy these days with all the stress out there. First steps to a more relaxed life start with becoming aware. Being aware of what is around us, but not reacting to it in any way helps this inner-focus. How is this related to organization? Well, motivation and meditation play hand-in-hand. They both want to achieve common goals: pushing outside comfort zones and growing both mentally and spiritually. To be organized, one needs motivation.    Focus.  If y..


The Guide for Fourth of July All-Stars

Posted by Emanuele on Jun 15, 2016.

Fourth of July: hot dogs, fireworks, and basking in the American Dream. These impressions of Independence Day are pretty spot-on, but there always is so much more people can do to show their patriotism. Flags are just the start.  What will get you into the Fourth of July spirit?   Watch patriotic movies. Good old war movies get things going. A classic like Yankee Doodle Dandy will have you bleeding red, white, and blue. Even Apollo 13 will have you cheering for the USA from start to finish.    Host a potluck. Nothing screams Fourth of July like sh..


Tidy Home in Less Time

Posted by Emanuele on Jun 15, 2016.

We all wish there were more hours in the day. The lists add up and things never seem to get done. Cleaning and other mindless tasks shouldn’t take up the majority of your day! It’s time to change that! Tidying up takes time, but we are here to help you make that time shrink.  Don’t let stuff pile up.  Whether it’s dirty dishes or laundry, don’t let such items pile into a stressful mess. Take time after each meal to clean those dirty dishes. That way, you won’t have to think about them the next morning as you are rushing out the door. The same is true with your laundry. Throw ..


Everyday Routine Tips for your Office Life

Posted by Emanuele on Jun 15, 2016.

Uh-Oh. That nagging, notoriously needy everyday routine is resurfacing again. Don’t worry. Towards the middle of the year, people tend to find themselves in a rut. It’s refreshing to add something to your routine every so often, especially if it helps you manage time and get it all done at the office!  What should be added to your routine? Here are 4 sure-fire winners.  Lists are your #1 fans. Write down every possible idea of what you want to do at least once a week. They help with organizing simple tasks and help you stay focused. There is a science behind writing things..


Clean Kitchen, Clean Eating

Posted by Emanuele on Jun 10, 2016.

Last year we (and thousands of other neat freaks) adopted KonMari, the Mari Kondo method of organizational advice. Her new book, ‘Spark Joy’ tells how you can potentially get slim by keeping order in your kitchen. Eating clean starts with a clean kitchen. According to CNN.com, “Environment & Behavior Journal suggested that the more cluttered our environments, the more likely we are to overeat”. Can an organized kitchen really keep you from snarfing that bag of cookies? "Having a clean kitchen or home makes you feel more in control and primes you to stay in control," says Dr. Bria..


What’s Your Recycling Cycle?

Posted by Emanuele on Jun 07, 2016.

It hasn’t been easy, but virtually every large city and most towns have a recycling program. Some of them involve City-supplied bins and procedures. Others are a loose affiliation of private contractors and weekly pickups and/or drop-off spots. But lately, recycling has gone to the next level. Some cities have mapped out plans to have up to 90% diversion of their garbage from landfills. There are new waste treatment centers that process live waste into useable compost. And they even turn the methane gas that is a byproduct of the composting into usable energy. That’s recycling the recyclin..



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