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Our musings on the world of QuickStick

Getting Down to Down-Sizing

Posted by Jeff on Jun 15, 2015.

Many people choose to downsize their living space at different seasons in their life.  When you're ready to move into a smaller space, it can be daunting to imagine how in the world you're going to make it happen without losing your head. Get Started Early Planning for your move is the key way you're going to make it through this time.  Before you ever start downsizing, consider your lifestyle and what's important to you.  This about the items in your home that you cannot live without, and make lists about what you can donate of sell to reduce clutter. Think Multipurpos..


What's Inside Your Closet

Posted by Anna in Posts on Jun 15, 2015.

A closet is one of the hardest spaces to keep organized.  Whether it be a coat closet, laundry closet, broom closet, or wardrobe closet, it's all about having the right storage accessories to help you make the most out of your space. Having a splace for everything, saves time in your day and allows you to stay motivated. Two favorite ways of keeping my own closet organized are through hooks and pegboards.  Hooks allow me to hang my bags, scarves, and belts in a way that makes everything visible and easily accessible, and a pegboard mounted inside of a closet door creates ..


In the Kitchen with QuickStick

Posted by Emanuele on Jun 13, 2015.

Did you know cooking is good for your mental health? Cooking is meditative, and requires your full attention, and with your focus being on activities such as measuring, mixing, chopping, etc., there is no room for negative thoughts. Cooking stimulates the senses.  The feel of all your ingredients, the sound of the stove top sizzle, and the smell of the finished product, all work together to give off those positive endorphins. Cooking is nourishment, and simply put, nourishment feels good. Cooking is creative.  You can play around with recipes and ingredients, and ultimate..

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Welcome to QuickStick!

Posted by Anna in Posts on Jun 12, 2015.

  QuickStick is a fun new way of keeping your everyday objects organized.  The entire QuickStick product line is easy to use, repositionable, and restickable.  QuickStick makes hanging fast, easy, and affordable.  Leave your tools and glue behind, and save time and space when you stick with QuickStick. QuickStick is targeted to renters, students, and the house proud.  We value and understand anything and everything related to space optimization, home organization, and bringing order to people’s lives.  Our blog is intended to share the passion that we have for..

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