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The After School Syndrome

Posted by Jeff on Sep 29, 2015.

Your kid is an athlete and comes home exhausted after practice--and drops the backpack, duffel and stinky laundry, pretty much in a trail from the back door to the refrigerator. Another kid is the artsy-techie one and always seems to have an odd collection of digital devices, cords, chargers, et al that find their way into the most visible electrical outlets--and then stay there even when the devices are removed. And then there’s the family collection of snail mail, catalogs, bills, books, printed menus, and all the other ‘stuff’ that’s grabbed and classified under ‘save for later’. Soun..


Is Your Closet On Trend?

Posted by Anna on Sep 25, 2015.

Zillow Digs just announced the top three closet organization trends for Fall 2015. The trends were published in Zillow Digs Home Trend Forecast, a report based on a survey of leading interior designers, on September 15th. See their trend report here, and learn more about the popularity of transparent storage materials, split finishes, and spotlight lighting. With the rise of these three trends, you’ll be forced to say goodbye to behind the door storage, basic setups, and dark closets. With so much focus around the closet, QuickStick will help make sure you stay on trend, and keep your cl..


Don't Fall Behind

Posted by Anna on Sep 21, 2015.

The season of comfy sweaters, warm drinks, and pretty colors is almost here! September 23rd marks the first official day of fall. Make sure your home is ready for the new season by following these 30 tips. By devoting some time and attention to these recommendations now, you will save yourself money and aggravation later. Everything from programming the thermostat, to bringing in flowerpots, to buying extra gasoline is covered in this “30 Smart Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Fall” article, and will help with the maintenance of your exterior, interior, and garage.     ..


Bathroom Talk with QuickStick

Posted by Jeff on Sep 18, 2015.

The bathroom is the world's most widely used room.  We do much more in there than just the obvious.  We take baths, showers, fix our hair, brush our teeth, etc. When it comes to brushing our teeth, did you know that Americans use 400 million tubes of toothpaste every year, and that dentists recommend that you keep your toothbrush at least six feet away from the toilet to avoid airborne particles that result from flushing.   The average person spends 1 1/2 years of their lifetime in the bathroom.  With that being said, don't you want your bathroom to be as neat and org..


Putting Pet Stuff in its Place

Posted by Jeff on Sep 16, 2015.

How many times have you had to search your house for your pooch's favorite chew bone, or for your pet's medical records on the day before a pet visit? Incidents like these, and many more have probably occurred in your household if you haven't organized your pet's belongings. As a member of the household, your pet should have its own space, just like everyone else does, and keeping everything in that space or container will go a long way toward eliminating lost belongings. Here are some ideas on how to arrange this: The Grooming Caddy Having a small tub to put all your pet's grooming mate..


Take the Garage from Grunge to Great

Posted by Jeff on Sep 14, 2015.

Lawn and garden stuff overflowing in half-empty bags. Rakes and shovels intertwined with cobwebs and plant rot. Car wax, buffers, cleanser and repair materials heaped in buckets. Where do you begin? Is it better to go all-in for a weekend deep cleanse? Or is the phased approach better? Either way, we all have to get our garages under control. Or park in the street. The following are 3 garage organizing tips to restore your garage to an organized and usable space. Get it all out Before you begin your purge, remove everything from the garage. Bringing everything out into the driveway or y..


Surprising Uses of Painting Supplies

Posted by Jeff on Sep 14, 2015.

There are many different ways to reuse your painting supplies on various DIY projects, from empty paint cans, to a painter’s drop cloth to colored painter’s tape, to unused remaining paint. Getting creative will allow you to find some useful ways to reuse supplies that you’d otherwise throw away. Below are some tips that you can consider for those remaining unused painting supplies. Empty Paint Cans Empty paint cans can be used as storage devices. They can be covered with decorative material that blends in well with your current décor and lined with matching colors. The empty paint cans ..


Ikea + QuickStick

Posted by Jeff on Sep 11, 2015.

Ikea is known for its vast selection of products for furnishing and decorating your home with the latest trends. The newest products from Ikea help put the finishing touches on your newly decorated home. Ikea sells a wide variety of space organizers to help you get the most out of your living quarters. QuickStick's holders, hooks and caddies are a great match for your colorful Ikea products for every room in the house. Bath Ikea sells a variety of towel racks, storage shelves and mirror cabinets to help you organize your bathroom without cramping up your space. While you may have a spot..



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