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Social Media & ​Tech Time: When is it too Much?

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We live in a tech world, no denying it! After a while, technology gets to be out of control. When is it time to say no as Facebook, Instagram, and Pokemon Go beckon you? I know. Why not pick up a tablet-sized, hand-held reading device known as a book, instead? A lot of the time we stay on social media it is because we don’t want to miss anything. At the same time, we know that the things on social media never get erased. It serves as a distraction. Why are we worried and flustered that we won’t be up to date if we pick up a book every once in awhile? Theories, anyone? 

I’d start off by taking a mental tech assessment. How many times do I check my phone in an hour? What apps do I check the most? Why do I check social media? This sure adds up. Once we are more aware of how much time we spend on something, we become more cautious about it in the future. Enter the time spent in a notebook or on a notes app on your phone. (You won’t be penalized for using your phone this time! :) There are also apps like QualityTime for Android and Moment for iOS that help you track your phone/app usage daily. 

Another easy solution can be to turn off your notifications. That way you won’t get any of those news blasts when you’re trying to get something accomplished. No chirps allowed. 

However way you want to decrease your social media usage, make sure to stick with it. We love technology but it can be a black hole, sometimes. Everyone has these issues, you’re not alone. Fight on!

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